Coherence in the Quantum Field

I just returned from a memorial service for a pastor in town that was unfortunately killed on his motorcycle last week when an elderly woman in an SUV plowed into him.  I never had the chance to meet him personally, but I have met his wife.  I attended a few of his services.  At the very first one, he was so funny with his storytelling, he had the whole congregation in stitches.  In fact, the memorial service started off with a short video of him telling a religious joke at the pulpit.

Howard Pennington was a very popular and much-loved pastor.  He definitely was not your average man of the cloth.  Hearing all the people and pastors that got up and spoke, Pastor Pennington’s heart was as vast as the Grand Canyon.  The staff at his church knew their church could not hold the anticipated number of people that would come to his memorial, so it was held in a large gymnasium and the place was packed.  There were pastors that came in from all over, the furthest one came from Hong Kong just to be at that service.

There were some funny and light-hearted stories told about the pastor.  There was one story told that I realized tied right into what I am presently studying about the quantum field.

A pastor was relating how Pastor Howard was urging him to “think big.”  Pastor Howard himself took a congregation of forty (if you included all the babies in the nursery) and turned it into a congregation of over 700.  And this is in a relatively small town.  And he built a 32,000 square foot church.  So, when I heard the words of Pastor Howard “think big” I immediately thought, “Ahh, he understands the quantum field.”

In my study group today with Parisha Taylor, we read about a remarkable study that demonstrates how our thoughts and feelings influence matter.  A cellular biologist conceived of a series of experiments to test healers’ ability to affect biological systems.  This study took place at the HeartMath Research Center in California.  This center has well documented a specific link between one’s emotional states and one’s heart rhythms.  When people experience negative emotions (such as anger or fear) their heart rhythms become erratic and disorganized.  In contrast, positive emotions (love and joy) produced highly ordered, coherent patterns.

In this experiment, there were three groups.  The researcher had each group holding a vial of DNA as DNA is fairly stable stuff.  The first group was told to hold a focus on strong elevated feelngs of love and appreciation for two minutes, and then held vials containing DNA.  A second group did the same thing with the elevated feelings but were asked additionally to hold an intention (thought) to either wind or unwind the strands of DNA they held in the hands.  A third group was asked to hold a clear intention of winding and unwinding DNA but they were instructed to not enter into a positive emotional state.  The results of this experiment was that the first and third group had no changes whatsoever to the DNA, and the second group produced significant changes to the shape of the DNA, in some cases as much as 25%.

This experiment demonstrated that a positive emotional state alone had no effect on the DNA, and a clear intention unaccompanied by emotion also had no effect on the DNA.  Only when the subjects held both a heightened emotional state and a clear intention were they able to produce the intended results.  Feelings and thoughts unified into a state of being.

Pastor Howard definitely had the coherence of thinking big accompanied with the zealous emotional drive to make it so to create his intended outcome.  The bottom line is that “the quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.”[1]

[1] Quote and description of experiment are from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

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