Infinite Number of Possibilities


In the quantum field, there is an infinite number of possibilities that exist simultaneously and any of those possibilities can manifest instantaneously.  There is a lot said about the observer effect in quantum physics.  Basically that matter is moving around through space at times as a particle and at other times, it is morphing into a wave, This is such a fantastic concept.  If more people understood that what they focus on, they get more of, they might think twice about thinking about what is lacking in their lives, what they are unhappy about, what they wish would go away.  I’ve heard someone say, what if you obsessed about your health?  Your wealth?

Parisha Taylor can be often heard to say, “You live where you think.”  She is often reflecting back to people things they say on what must be an unconscious, habituated level. If a person can become consciously aware of their automatic, habituated self-talk, they can make a decision from a place of observation, whether that serves them or not. And as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, they can then become like Gandalf on the bridge, stating to their self-defeating thoughts, “You may not pass.”

Parisha Taylor is host to a delightfully thought-provoking blogtalkradio program called Consciously Conscious which airs on Mondays at 6 pm Pacific, until daylight savings, at which time it will air at 7 pm Standard Mountain Time.  The website is  It is a very inviting and stimulating program, and listeners are welcomed to phone in to the show and share with the host or ask questions.

It is good to see such expanded mind topics being freely shared to such a wide audience on internet radio.


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