Turning a Quantum Leaf

Ok, it’s been a little while since I wrote a blog, about 21 months, but whose counting.  I have been studying brain research and quantum physics for quite some time.  At present, I am in a study group moderated by Parisha Taylor on the quantum field theory as it relates to consciousness and change and growth.  The information is mind-blowing.  Science is getting very mystical.  The line appears to have blurred between the two.  I remember Parisha stating years ago that mysticism was the mother of science.

In a nutshell, quantum theory is a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena at microscopic scales.  It describes all matter, everything that exists, in terms of a dual nature of particle-like and wave-like behavior.  As a wave, it is seen as energy, and as a particle, it is seen as matter.  The quantum field contains an infinite number of possibilities.  When you truly grasp that, you have the opportunity to move beyond the dichotomy of cause and effect, and become the creator of effects.  At the end of one of those Matrix movies, Neo appears to have grasped this.

So, I am excited and eager to share what I am learning.  There is so much natural phenomena that can be explained in terms of science and physics, and the fun kind.  Not stuffy petri dish stuff.

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