Extraordinary Perception

Today when I was driving out Stockton Hill Road out of Kingman, I kept looking left out the window at the Cerbat Mountains.  I have driven past this mountain range many times, and while I truly appreciate the view each and every time I have traveled this route, today, I just kept staring at the mountains because they seemed to me to be more vivid.  I felt like I was experiencing a heightened perception, or my visual acuity was amplified.  Perhaps it was all the negative ions in the air from the rain and the vibrant green that was spread across the desert.  My other hypothesis regarding what could be occurring was that immediately before heading out, I had been pretty excited and energized over a successful brief morning in the stock market.  I wondered if feeling up tone would enhance my perceptions.  While I am presently working through resolving a head cold, I had not taken any medications whatsoever.

Whatever the cause, it is such an awesome experience to be moving through your day and having several wow moments during ordinary activities, instead of a usual almost hypnotic-like sameness.  I have done a lot of reading on brain research and I remember years ago learning that most people don’t even really see what is going on around them, they are merely pulling up memories of like incidences.

If you spoke with a spiritual teacher, they might say to you that you are fast asleep.  That is because the difference of what you may be perceiving, as opposed to what you potentially could be perceiving, is vast.  Most people can’t even see past their judgments.  My Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha often asks us if we are aware of what is around us.  She encourages us often to be still, quiet our busy minds and be in a place of observance.

In the movie, What the Bleep, there was mention that the Natives could not see the first ships that were arriving from Europe approaching the shorelines.  That was because they had no reference for ships, and therefore could not perceive them.  It was only the shaman who first noticed the breaking patterns of waves on the water that lead him to then see the ships approaching.  Interesting.

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